Bake a Dog a Bone

Sheila wrote:

You have a link on your site for this download , and your personal recommendation as well. I have had bad experiences with giving out my personal and/or financial information online. Are these guys really legit? Have you heard of anyone else having any experience with them, either positive or negative? They offer a "risk-free" trial period, even a "money-back guarantee". But of course it is not risk-free; on the Internet, the risk is taken as soon as one hands over their information.

You are so generous with all your valuable tried and true recipes and techniques. And I really appreciate that. So please take this in the spirit in which it's intended. Your recommendation carries a lot of weight!
Sheila B.
(mother of CoCo, Lola, & Benny)

Cheryl's response:

Hi Sheila,

My experience with purchasing the ebook Bake a Dog a Bone was very positive.

There is always an element of risk when making a purchase online. Ultimately that decision is yours.

As I explain on our dog bakery business page the book contains a bit of hype - "Extreme Pet Business Profits" and "Six figure recession proof income" might not be realistic. But once you get passed the hype the book contains good information.

It's been over a couple of years since I purchased the book. One thing that I was impressed by is that when they updated the book I automatically received notification that the new updated version was available at no charge.

If I recall correctly, one of the "extras" you receive with your purchase is an ebook of 150 dog treat recipes. The recipes are a great way to get ideas for your own treats and to get some practice baking. Please be diligent in making sure all the ingredients in the recipes are truly safe for dogs. At the time I purchased the book one of the recipes included raisins. Raisins are not safe for dogs. It is likely that recipe has since been removed or corrected.

Even with its faults, I feel Bake a Dog a Bone offers a solid starting place for anyone thinking of starting a dog treat business.

Best of Luck! (And a Hello to Coco, Lola, and Benny from Apples - the new addition to our family)

Celebrating our lives with treat at a time.

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