Two ingredient, Wheat Free Dog Treats

wheat free, only two ingredient dog treats. dog bone shaped.

While I do enjoy getting creative with recipes and decorating dog treats now and then, the majority of the treats I make for our dogs are basic, healthy dog treats.   With only two ingredients, these treats couldn’t be easier.  This is recipe adapted from one I came across at The Midnight Baker.

2ingredient ingredients






I think these make great holiday dog treats.  As you might guess from the photo above , I made these around Thanksgiving time.   This time I used pumpkin and rolled oats.  The pumpkin could easily be replaced with other pureed fruits or vegetables – such as  carrot, sweet potato, butternut squash, blue berries,  apples, bananas….you get the picture.

2ingredient dough






I mixed the rolled oats and pumpkin together and then let is sit for 5 to 10 minutes.  The oats will absorb some of the moisture as they sit.   If you find the dough is too stiff – then add a little water.  If it is too sticky, simply add more oats.

2ingredient rolled dough






Roll dough out to about 1/4 inch thick and cut into desired shapes.  I usually use my favorite cookie cutter shapes on the first roll.

2ingredient squares








Then I gather up the remaining dough, roll again, and just cut into small, bite size squares with a pizza cutter.    I don’t know about your dogs, but  mine aren’t picky about what shape the treats are.  🙂

pan of dog treats ready to be baked






This batch easily fit on one 1/2 sheet baking pan.  If you’d like to make more treats you could always double the batch.

Let me know if you give these treats a try.   Happy Baking!


Two Ingredient, Wheat Free Dog Treats
Prep time
Bake time
Total time
These dog treats call for just two ingredients. You will need your favorite flour (non-wheat if your keeping them wheat free) on hand for rolling them out.
Recipe type: Wheat Free Dog Treat Recipe
Serves: varies
  • 1 Cup pumpkin puree
  • 2 Cups rolled oats
  1. In a medium mixing bowl mix together the pumpkin and rolled oats to form a dough.
  2. Dough may be sticky at first. Let sit for 10 minutes to allow oats to absorb moisture
  3. Roll dough to ¼ inch thickness.
  4. Cut into desired shape.
  5. Bake at 350 for 50 minutes
As always, after I've baked the treats I keep them in oven after I shut it off to dehydrate the treats.


Halloween Dog Treat Ideas

Pug wearing a witches hat

Happy Howl-aween!

Wouldn’t it be fun to surprise family, friends, and neighbors with healthy Halloween treats for their dogs?  Or have the treats at the ready for neighborhood canines that might be joining in on the trick or treating?


Do you own a dog treat business?  Halloween is a great opportunity to generate sales.  And it is a great time to step up your marketing as we head into the busy holiday season.

With Halloween coming up soon I thought I’d share some pictures of Halloween Dog Treats I’ve made in the past as well as some packaging and decorating ideas.

Whether you are making treats for fun or profit I hope you find some inspiration in the pictures below.

Pumpkin dog treats


These pumpkin dog treats were a big hit at the farmers market and Halloween events that I attended.



Pumpkin dog treats at farmers market display

Here’s picture of those treats in a fun Halloween bowl at my farmers market table.



GDTR Halloween Ideas 9


And this is the same bowl as above used to display “boo bones” .  They were a big hit at a Dog Daycare Halloween event I attended.



GDTR Halloween Ideas 2


Any treats can be turned in to Halloween goodies just be adding a fun tag to the bag.




GDTR Halloween Ideas 8



Here’s another picture of the “boo bones.”




pumpkin pics mini pumpkins


These are treats cut out with a mini pumpkin cookie cutter.   Then I stamped some of them with a clean paw print stamp before baking them.   It is a bit of work but they are so adorable!




I hope you’re inspired by or at least enjoyed these Halloween Dog Treat ideas.

Have a happy and safe Howl-A-Ween!

Cool Canine

Hi All,

It’s a warm one here in Wisconsin today.  I know there have been lots of heat advisories and warnings about pet safety lately – but I just don’t think it can be said too much.  Whether your pets are inside or outdoors make sure they have plenty of water to drink.  If they have to be outside make sure they have access to shade and or a shelter.

Some other ideas for keeping your canines cool in the summer heat:

  • A kiddie pool filled with nice cool water.
  • Soak a bandana in water, freeze it, and then tie it loosely on your dogs neck for a nice cool down.
  • Give ice cubes as treats.  (Please supervise them when you do so.)
  • And what would goes best on hot summer days?  Ice cream, of course.  Here are some healthy frozen dog treat recipes.

Stay Cool!