Cool Canine

Hi All,

It’s a warm one here in Wisconsin today.  I know there have been lots of heat advisories and warnings about pet safety lately – but I just don’t think it can be said too much.  Whether your pets are inside or outdoors make sure they have plenty of water to drink.  If they have to be outside make sure they have access to shade and or a shelter.

Some other ideas for keeping your canines cool in the summer heat:

  • A kiddie pool filled with nice cool water.
  • Soak a bandana in water, freeze it, and then tie it loosely on your dogs neck for a nice cool down.
  • Give ice cubes as treats.  (Please supervise them when you do so.)
  • And what would goes best on hot summer days?  Ice cream, of course.  Here are some healthy frozen dog treat recipes.

Stay Cool!