Dog Birthday Cake Ideas

dog birthday cake

No birthday celebration is complete without cake and dog birthdays are no exception.  From the very simple to the extravagant we’ve got great ideas and recipes for dog friendly cake that will make your canine kid one happy hound!

In recent years it has become more and more common for dog owners to celebrate their dogs’ birthdays. Check out these tips and ideas for making a birthday cake for your dog.

  • A quick and easy way to make a dog cake is to use canned dog food and shape it in the form of a dog bone. Coat the outside with bread crumbs.
  •  Bake a dog cake in a rectangular cake pan and then trim to the shape of a dog bone or purchase a disposable foil cake pan and bend into the shape of a dog bone. Frost with dog cake icing. Save time and stress by purchasing a dog bone cake pan.
  •  Make dog “pupcakes” using a muffin or mini muffin tin and frost with dog cake icing.
  •  Use carob icing to decorate the cake or pupcakes. Make fun shapes such as paw prints or dog bones by piping the icing on.

I made these Apple Cinnamon Pupcakes for one of our dogs. I frosted them with peanut butter and honey frosting. I then used a paw print stencil as a guide and piped on carob icing. The pupcakes turned out adorable and the dogs loved them!

Another terrific cake I recently made for our dog Sammi was made with banana and carob. Check out this Going Bananas Dog Cake Recipe.

And what goes best with birthday cake? Ice cream of course! Check out these great dog ice cream recipes.

Are you strapped for time or don’t feel like baking? There are lots of options for purchasing a dog birthday cake.

  •  Check out your local dog bakery to see what they have to offer. Most bakeries will be able to show you a sample.
  •  If there isn’t a dog bakery in your community check on-line. There are many dog bakeries that will bake and ship a cake. Be sure to check shipping costs, and check if there are limited delivery times. Some bakeries won’t ship cakes in extremely high heat.
  •  Another option for a dog birthday cake is a dog cake mix. Just like the human versions, a dog cake mix is a quick and easy way to bake a dog cake. Some pet stores carry dog cake mixes, otherwise they can be found on-line.

If purchasing a cake or cake mix, check to make sure that it is made with healthy, natural ingredients.

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