Choosing the Right Dog Treat Packaging

Choosing the right dog treat packaging is an important part of any dog bakery business. The dog treat packaging will often be your potential customer’s first impression of your homemade dog treats.

When I first started baking treats to sell I packaged them in plain paper lunch bags. I decorated the bags using dog related rubber stamps. I attached tags by punching a hole in the tags and the bag and tying them on with raffia ribbon.


dog treat packaging

The packaging you choose will help convey the image you want for your dog treat business. What image do you want to convey? Do you plan on selling fancy, gourmet treats to the upscale consumer? Or do you plan to emphasize the homemade, all natural quality of your treats?

Dog Treat Packaging Ideas

Here are some ideas to get you started thinking about the right packaging for dog treats:

  • A basic way of packaging your treats is putting them in a ziploc bag and adding a label. The benefits of this packaging are it is inexpensive, you can clearly see the treats, and the bag can be resealed, keeping the treats fresh. A downside is this choice may not convey the professionalism you want. Still, when first starting out, it may be appropriate for some venues such as craft sales, or farmers markets.
  • Basic bakery bags or boxes are good way to convey the homemade, bakery feel. They work especially well for a store front dog bakery or in a farmers market. You can easily add labels with your company name and ingredient information. You can seal the bags by folding them over and securing with a label or sticker.
  • Tie Tin Bags are another great option and are one of the options I currently use. Tie Tin Bags look professional, convey the bakery feel, are resealable, and come in varied sizes. I use the bags with a window so the treats are visible to the customer. Again, you could easily add your own labels to the plain bags.
  • Cellophane bags are another common choice for dog treat packaging. They come in different sizes and a variety of fun prints. You can often find cello bags in craft or party stores. This allows you to buy in small quantities which can be important when first starting out.

These are some of the most common options. What will work best for your situation is up to you. Use your own creativity to come up with packaging that conveys the right image for your dog treat business.

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