Holiday Dog Treats

Holiday dog treats are a great way to include your canine companion in holiday festivities. As humans, we often celebrate the holidays with food….really yummy food. Why should it be any different for the canine members of our family?

Dogs love indulging in holiday goodies just as much as we do.  I’ve seen our own dogs stand next to the oven in anticipation as something delicious is baking inside. They put their little noses in the air to take in the wonderful scents.

Holiday Dogs

It’s often difficult to not give in to temptation and indulge them with a taste of whatever we are cooking. But allowing our dogs to indulge in too much “human” food can lead to disaster. I speak from experience on this one. One Thanksgiving well meaning family members contributed to our dog Howard indulging in way too much people food. Thankfully, Howard ended up OK, but our carpet was never the same. : ) Luckily there are healthier ways to treat our dogs to something special during the holiday season.

There are holiday dog treats for most any occasion. Many dog bakeries offer dog cookies decorated for the holidays…Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day..most any holiday you can think of.  Dog bakeries find creative ways to celebrate these special days with our canine companions.

If buying treats from the store or dog bakery pay special attention to the ingredients. Most specialty shops are careful about the ingredients they use, but I have seen dog cookies that contain high amounts of sugar and some not so natural ingredients.

Baking special homemade dog treats during the holidays is a great way to include your dog in the holiday celebrations in a healthy and safe way. Here are some ideas and recipes for holiday dog treats:


It just wouldn’t be Christmas without cookies. Use fun shaped holiday cookie cutters and a favorite dog treat recipe to create special treats for your dogs and to give as gifts for all the canines on your shopping list. Here is a festive recipe for Christmas Dog Treats.

Here’s another holiday favorite. Follow the variation instructions for these Carob and Peanut Butter Pinwheels to make festive Candy Cane Dog Treats.

Once you’ve baked up the dog biscuit goodness put them in some festive packaging


These Pumpkin Dog Treats are a great way to celebrate Halloween. I use Halloween cookie cutters such as mini pumpkin, witch, bat, etc. After baking, dip the bat shaped cookies in a carob coating for spooktacular results!

Valentine’s Day

Let your canine companions know how special they are this Valentine’s Day by baking up these Cinnamon Honey Hearts. Honey and cinnamon give these valentine dog treats just the right blend of sweet and spice.

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